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Andy Vanis



This site is a labor of love to find music to see.  It is manual so takes a lot of time and may have errors.  Any help you could provide would be great!


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Music Fan –

1)     If a show you know about isn’t listed, please let us know.  Same if you spot an error.  This is all manual you know so I make mistakes.

2)     If you are a super fan of an Artist or a Venue, it would be REALLY helpful if you took on being responsible for verifying the listings of the things you really like.

3)     If you have programing skills, maybe you can help make this even easier to use.  See the history below of how this site is being done currently and why.


Artists and venues – You know best where you are / who you have playing! Please let us know if we have your shows.  We want to bring people to your shows! If you were into checking or have me send you a periodic reminder to take a quick look and check, that would be SUPER useful.  You can find your band and venue list under your name.  Just click the “All Shows – list” link.


History –

1)     Why and how this page – I love live music and we have a ton of it in NM, and to find it, one has to go to several Internet locations to see what’s going on.  I spent some time in the Tampa, FL area and loved all the live shows available every day.  Like 80-150 even on weekdays!  They were easy to find on   A cool site.  I asked them about just making their platform avail for NM since all their locations are just zip sorted so it would have been easy to add us.  They weren’t into it so I started this to get something going and the data can always be moved into something else if experienced folks join and help.

2)     How this interface came about - The info is entered and held in  This was selected because it is a no-programing option.  Kinda cool actually.  Check out the demo Dbase on their site.  It is simple and that means it doesn’t have the advanced Dbase functions would be the next step in making this even easier to use.